About Us

INNO Design, Analu Innocenti, is a studio of a lot of layers. It’s a place where many dreams, ideas, and cultures come together for a masterpiece realization. For all that matters, we offer a lot!

We’re a team of architects and collabs based in Utrecht and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, delivering projects worldwide!

We are here to turn your space into a fantastic and functional place. The studio attracts people from all over the world because we value the essence of each client, we sense each ones needs and bring a dynamic into place.

The studio captures the identity of each project needs and build together a tailor-made transformation. The multicultural environment we are in allows us to develop multiple architectural languages. We are a proud team of international and innovative architects. Our achievement is to make each project unique.

We are bespoke, and we thrive to deliver quality, service, and a guided journey to a small or extreme makeover.