Analu Innocenti graduated from the University of Belas Artes of São Paulo with  a BA in Architecture and Urban Planning, and an extension in Sustainable city, design and architecture at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design. With more than 18 years experience in the market, she worked in renowned offices in São Paulo and the highlight has been the participation of the rebranding of TAM (Brazilian Airlines) in 2005 in the architectural design and interior of the headquarters, aircrafts and waiting rooms in many airports.

In 2006, she founded and managed +INNO Architecture which focused on residential, commercial and events projects. In 2015, the office opened its doors in Amsterdam, where it operates with residential and commercial renovation, interior and styling projects. In addition, she works in projects and consultation worldwide.

Opening the new office enabled her to push her creative limits, a geographical dynamic that contributes continuously to an unconventional mix of techniques and materials to enrich projects. The results are an innovative design based on customer behavior.

“Architecture is a long-standing passion. It is a mix of emotions to put on paper a dream, find a balance and make a project that enchants the customer. Audacity makes all the difference in my projects, that special touch.”

Letícia Bender – Project Architect / Design Manager.

Allain Celest de Buck – ACDB founder – Senior Project Architect.